45+ Top Websites Where You Submit Your WordPress Themes

by Atif Sharif on February 20, 2011

WordPress is most famous platform for bloggers and daily thousands blog created all over the world. So if you have some knowledge to make wordpress themes then it is so much better opportunity to make backlinks from giving away free wordpress themes because when you make a theme, you put a footer link in the themes which gives you so much backlinks to your main website. You can make themes for different niches like pet, make money, gardening, clickbank, education, amazon, dog training, cats,furniture etc.

I am also a wordpress theme designer and love to design different themes in different color designs. After making a wordpress theme the next phase is to submit this theme to other websites so that other peoples use this theme for their blogs and you get back links to your main website. That’s why I decided today to share my 45+ Top Websites Where You Submit WordPress Themes and promote the themes.

wordpress themes distribution 45+ Top Websites Where You Submit Your Wordpress Themes

WordPress Theme Submission Directories Listed Here From A to Z

  1. Best Wp Themez
  2. Bg Theme
  3. Blog Flux
  4. Bloggeries
  5. Blogging Themes
  6. CSS Chat
  7. Digital Point
  8. Free WordPress Theme
  9. Free Wp Blog Theme
  10. Free Wp Theme
  11. Free Wp Themes
  12. Fresheezy
  13. goTheme
  14. iLoveyouWp
  15. iThemes
  16. My Green Corner
  17. NattyWP
  18. New WpThemes
  19. Pro WordPress Theme
  20. SitePoint
  21. TalkFreeLance
  22. TemplatesFree
  23. Theme Rock Kitty
  24. ThemeBase
  25. ThemeBot
  26. Themes Junction
  27. Theme Splice
  28. Themes Preview
  29. Themes WP
  30. v7n
  31. Web Designer Forum
  32. Web Design Forum
  33. Web log tools collection
  34. Web Master Talk
  35. Web Talk Forums
  36. Widget Ready Themes
  37. WordPress Theme Directory
  38. WordPress Templates
  39. Wp Forums
  40. WpSalon
  41. WpSkins
  42. WpTheme Land
  43. WpThemes Archive
  44. WpThemes Free
  45. WpTmp

There are also many other ways to promote your wordpress themes, you can promote your wordpress themes to twitter followers and submit other famous social bookmarking websites.

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Rakesh Kumar March 2, 2011 at 4:00 am

Now these days i am creating my first theme for my readers but its still in progress. Thanks for the links.

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