Earn Money Online in Pakistan – Best Ways to Earn Money Online in Pakistan

by Atif Sharif on May 16, 2011

Earn money online in Pakistan is so much hard topic to choose for me because a lot of people in Pakistan search in Google on this topic. In my opinion Earn money online is not so much easy as people thinks that make a website or blog or start a business and you think that you start making money into few days. It takes a lot of time and hard work to build your name in the market.

earn money online in pakistan Earn Money Online in Pakistan – Best Ways to Earn Money Online in Pakistan

A lot of peoples are jobless in Pakistan that’s why they search this search term “Earn Money Online in Pakistan” in Google and also in other search engines to find some reasonable work but it is so much hard to find a genuine online work that really pays. Many people make fool to others to show huge incomes to show in their website like earn money online 30,000 per month or make money online 20,000 per month. They collect money from innocent peoples and then never seen again or never contact with them.

I am also from Burewala, Pakistan. Burewala is a small town of Pakistan but I love to write articles on how make online money that really pays without wastage of time and money, because both time and money has so much worth if someone realize.

How to Earn Money Online In Pakistan?

This is basic questions that all peoples asked; if all online programs are fraud then which one is genuine income program. I tell you some my experience that I found online during my 2 years blogging journey that I wrote given below, if you have any idea kindly share with us.

Make Money Online With Fiverr

I already wrote article on Fiverr.com site that how to make more money from fiverr. Fiverr is a website where peoples do every job in $5. You can see also my Fiverr Gigs that what I am offering to buyers Just Click here and you can also get idea from these gigs that I am writing below. For example,

  • I will advertise your company on my Blog for $5
  • I will promote your website over facebook,twitter,orkut for $5
  • I will add your link to my Facebook Group with over 4000 members for $5
  • I will create your 2011 calendar as you like for $5
  • I will submit your site to 3000 backlink sites and directories to get your site indexed for $5
  • I will make your WordPress blog much faster for $5
  • I will fix html and css issues in your website for $5
  • I will convert an image or a basic psd template to valid html for $5
  • I will tutor you in math for $5
  • I will Make Resume for $5
  • I will convert PDF Document into word for $5

Best Ways to Make Money Online In Pakistan

There are plenty of ideas that you choose from fiverr and work on it. This is real free and money making site where you get a lot of money to do work but the problem is only one that is money transferring from this site. Fiverr.com only use Paypal for money transferring and everybody know that Paypal does not allow to make an account in Pakistan but I think it is not so much difficult to get One Paypal account because if you have any relative or friend that live abroad, just request to him please make an account on Paypal for you. We also use this site and we make a lot of money and withdraw money too.

There are many other sites like fiverr which pays more than fiverr, you can join those sites too and make a lot of money. There are many other freelancer sites where you get project, some famous website listed below,

  1. Odesk
  2. Freelancer
  3. Elance
  4. Scriptlance

Second Way 2 Earn Money Online in Pakistan

Blogging is so much money making platforms that you really make money from making blogs on different niches but making money from blog is not so much easy. It takes one or two years after that a blog really pays to you but before you do a lot of hard work to become your blog successful. Many blogger that I know which makes $8,000 to $35,000 in a month like shoutmeloud.com and smartpassiveincome.com. They earn money by Google adsense, affiliate marketing and many other resources. You can see their monthly income report on their blog too.

You can also start a blog on Blogger.com or make a blog on WordPress.org both are free but have some limitations so if you have small budget use these free services to make your online blog and start making some money from adsense and affiliate marketing  products like hosting, software etc…

I recommended wordpress as a blogging platform because it has so much SEO optimized and has many free plugins that make your blog quality high. To get started to make a blog you get hosting first from a good hosting site and I recommended hostgator because millions of bloggers use this hostgator hosting. Purchase a domain from Godaddy and setup your wordpress blog from cpanel. If you are new and want to do someone these all steps then you can use my services to install a blog and make it Search Engine Optimized, just Contact Me.

I will make your site search engine friendly and I have many years of SEO experience will definitely help to boost your site rank because I research on keyword first and then make a blog on any niche that really pays you.

Third option is Adsense Niche Site

Adsense Niche site are so much popular now a days because it really pays you. These kinds of sites have those keywords that have low competition in the market but have a lot of traffic.  Adsense niche sites pays normally from $1 to $5 per day. If you make itself then it is good, if you don’t know how to make these kinds of sites then contact me on contact page, I will make for you Adsense niche sites that really pay you money.

Earn Money by Posting on Forums

There are many forums available where you post and earn money. Postloop also offer make money online from posting in forums but you will pass their test to getting started. Join postloop and post 10 forums posts after that one moderator check the quality of your posts. If you pass this test then you start posting on forums, you get points on each post or thread.

PostLoop Earning Proofs

postloop earning proof Earn Money Online in Pakistan – Best Ways to Earn Money Online in Pakistan

Many Other ways for Making Online Money

There are many other ways where you can Earn Money Online in Pakistan. You can give services to others just like, installing a wordpress blog, SEO Services and many other services that you can offered. You also make money like,

  1. Making a job site
  2. Make a forum on any niche
  3. Make youtube videos and promote affiliate products
  4. Make fiverr like site and make money
  5. Write reviews on Clickbank products and make money
  6. Write review on top ten webhosting and make money
  7. Make Facebook Fan pages and earn money. So hot now a days.
  8. Sell products by Twitter marketing
  9. Make money by Facebook ads
  10. Make money by Email marketing
  11. Make Website, promote it and Sell it on Flippa

If you don’t know where to start to make some money, just hire me I will give you all advices and give you right suggestions that really save your time and money too. I also provide my services to worldwide users.

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Ali Aamir May 22, 2011 at 8:24 am

Thanks for introducing the money making ways briefly in Pakistan, hope that a number of Pakistani will work and get benefits.

Shaiq Uddin June 22, 2011 at 11:31 pm

For freelancing jobs, you can also visit Guru and oDesk’s Pakistani Forum. Regarding online income generation techniques you told here in this post, I would recommend newbies just to start a blog or a website, make stronger efforts therein and then apply for Adsense or any affiliate program…Yeah you can also write sponsored articles like you can review about Click Bank products.

Nice post! Thanks anyway :)

sahir August 27, 2011 at 5:26 am

hw r u?
fantastic website.Thanks alot.
I wanna ask you something that which payment method is easy and safe in these ways of work.
And is it necessary for us to have a paypal account or any bank accont can work
like standard chartered,etc.?
Please reply in detail.

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