Search Engine Optimization – What You Really Need to Know

by Zohan on June 14, 2011

Search engine optimization for SEO are terms that are often used but all too often left unexplained. There is a certain mystique that’s been attached to search engine optimization for almost legendary proportions. I’ll venture to say the primary reason for this anomaly is to make it possible for a select few people that are in the know to profit from those who are all but ignorant of the basic simplicity of SEO.


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Cold reality of the situation is this, search engine optimization is absolutely one of the easiest things a webmaster can do. It all boils down to get out of its best practices during your web development and while maintaining your website. Before we can really break down the key factors of search engine optimization you first need to understand what search engine optimization actually is.

How to do Search Engine Optimization ?

Simply put search engine optimization is just that, optimizing your website for the search engines. Putting the time and effort to make your website a highly desirable asset to the search engines is what search engine optimization is all about. The ultimate goal of course is to have search engines such as Google view you as an authority and to have them give you the very best search ranking possible. Now that of course would be page one position one of your desired keyword search.

What is On Page Search Engine Optimization?

Now fundamentally there are two separate aspects of search engine optimization. The first being on page and the second being off page. First let’s tackle on page Search engine optimization. This of course it is but not limited to a few basic points. Meta-tags are the behind-the-scenes keywords that the search engine spiders use to decide initially what your website is about. If you’ve built a website is dedicated to thingamajigs than including both short and long tail keywords in your meta-tags related to thingamajigs would be your first initial step. Once again we want these meta-tags to remain relevant therefore including tags or keywords rather That are related to topics and subjects that are not relevant to your site will only prove to hurt how the search engines view your website.

A word of caution however overuse of keywords is it in your meta-tags will be viewed as keyword stuffing. This practice not only hurt your search rankings this can also lead to having your site removed from the search engine index. 10 to 15 good keywords should be sufficient. In addition to meta- tags submitting a site map is another must for good on page search engine optimization. Providing the search engines with a detailed site map of your website makes it easier for the search engines to locate and index all the various pages of your site. Most importantly though one of the most commonly overlooked aspects of on page Search engine optimization is optimizing your page load times.

If you are for instance operating a WordPress blog with a dozen or so plug-ins running you more than likely will see a substantial increase in the amount of time it takes for your page or pages to completely load. Search engines take these load times into serious consideration when applying page rank in search rank position. Take a look at the most popular sites on the Internet these of course would be Facebook and Google, the one common characteristic both of these websites share is an exceptionally clean user interface. You will not see unnecessary graphics, video, audio or any other unnecessary applications running during the sites initial load. And finally the most important component of unpaid since search engine optimization is content. Fresh relevant unique content is by far the number one best thing you can do to improve your standings with the search engines.

What is Off Page Search Engine Optimization?

And finally off page search engine optimization. Before we dive into this need to understand a few key components that the search engines use when ranking a website in their search indexes. Google being the father of search engines is the site that most webmasters work the hardest to find favor with. Google looks at three unique things with each website that it ranks. The first content, is the content on your website providing value to the users of Google? Second, back links, how many other well ranking websites are linking to your website? And finally Keywords, this is where your meta-tags come in and keyword placement throughout various articles on your site. So when it comes to off page search engine optimization your primary focus should be, the other authority sites are linking to you basically building back links.

There are several reputable services online that you can utilize to build quality back links for your site. There are however even more less reputable resources that can hurt your website through their efforts to sell you back links. The best way to build quality links is to establish relationships with various authority blogs and forums on your own and leave relevant comments and threaded discussions in those blogs and forums.

Social bookmarking is another great form of off page search engine optimization.
It is certainly is not a comprehensive guide to search engine optimization but it does definitely give you the basic framework of the concept. Search engine optimization absolutely without a doubt works when implemented correctly.
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