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9 Amazing Health Benefits of Being Positive

If you’re looking to improve your health in numerous ways, then one of the best things you can do is be positive! There are so many incredible benefits to positivity that it’s hard to believe they all come from just one simple thing, but they do! Positive thoughts and emotions can help boost your immune system, keep your mind healthier, give you more energy, and even make you happier! If you want to live longer and healthier by being positive, then these 9 amazing health benefits of being positive are an excellent place to start.

1) Boosts immune system

Research has shown that optimism helps your immune system by helping you sleep better, which, in turn, boosts your immune function. In a recent study, published in Psychosomatic Medicine, researchers found people who were optimistic had higher levels of an antibody that is often associated with good health and a lower risk for disease. Those who scored highest on tests measuring pessimism also had lower-than-average levels of antibodies—which means they may be more likely to get sick after being exposed to a virus or bacteria.

2) Lowers heart disease risk

Research has found that those who are positive tend to have lower heart disease risk. People who are optimistic can get better cholesterol levels, which is an important part of preventing heart disease. In addition, those who have a positive outlook on life are more likely to take care of themselves and their health than those who aren’t so optimistic about life. For example, they may be more likely to see their doctor for checkups and follow any medical advice given to them.

3) Improves breathing

Stress is a killer—literally. In fact, stress-related illnesses are now more common than heart disease and cancer. So it’s important to manage your stress levels as best you can. This means eating well, exercising, meditating and being positive! Studies have shown that optimistic people actually experience lower stress levels than their pessimistic counterparts. Which makes sense when you think about it: after all, how stressed out can you be when your glass is always half full? Finally, optimists seem to live longer.

4) Relieves stress

One of the major health benefits to staying positive is that it relieves stress. Research shows that keeping a positive outlook reduces cortisol levels and decreases production of inflammatory proteins, both of which can reduce stress and improve your overall health.

5) Helps with mental illness

Psychologists have long known that your mental health is closely linked to how you think about yourself and your life—in other words, being positive can help prevent and manage stress-related conditions such as depression, anxiety disorders, panic attacks, eating disorders, substance abuse problems and more. Additionally, people who are positive tend to be healthier overall.

6) Reduces depression

Whether you’re struggling with clinical depression or just feeling down, it’s possible that being positive can help. By forcing yourself to remain positive, even if it feels unnatural at first, you may be able to eliminate certain triggers of depression and reduce symptoms over time. [1] [2] It can even get rid of your depressive thoughts altogether.

7) Improves brain function

Neurologists at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia conducted a study with 166 participants to determine whether being positive or negative influences brain function. The group was shown different images on a computer screen for two minutes each and asked to respond by pushing one of two buttons: one labeled positive and another labeled negative. Researchers recorded each participant’s brain waves while they made their decisions.

8) Enhances creativity and productivity

Feeling positive is more than a mood. It can actually make you feel inspired, like you’re on top of your game. That’s because, when you feel happy and content with life, your brain has more dopamine—the chemical that helps with motivation and problem-solving. This burst in productivity doesn’t just help at work; it also spills over into your social life and makes you easier to be around! And it goes without saying that an upbeat disposition makes for better friendships too.

9) Makes life better

There’s scientific proof that being positive is good for your health. Even in small doses, optimism may boost cardiovascular and immune function, improve sleep quality, and even help us cope with pain. The more research psychologists do on positivity and its effects on mind and body, they more benefits they find—and it seems there are few limits to how well a positive outlook can help us live our lives.

Be positive always

Being positive is more than just good advice, it’s also good for your health. Research has found that positive people are healthier and happier than those who are negative. Studies have shown that positive people actually live longer than their pessimistic counterparts, they experience less depression and anxiety, and they even take fewer sick days from work or school.


Be positive and you’ll feel better in your body, mind, and soul. You’ll make new friends, improve relationships with existing friends and family members, and learn how to deal with difficult situations more effectively. So embrace positivity! Let go of negative thoughts by being proactive about making your best possible self a reality every day. The feeling you get when someone tells you look amazing or when everything goes right (and nothing goes wrong) is totally worth it—even if they aren't talking about weight loss! And did we mention weight loss? Great things happen to people who are happy, healthy, confident...and positive!


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